22 February 2017

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has summed up the results of the annual ranking of the quality of regulatory impact assessment in the regions of the Russian Federation.

At the end of 2016 Belgorod region rated 8th place and entered the group of regions of "higher level". In the Central Federal District the region, as well as in 2015, took the lead position.

Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) of regulatory legal acts is carried out in order to identify their provisions that impede entrepreneurial activity and is based on the public debate on the state regulations.

Methodology of the rating contains several blocks based on which the points received are calculated. These are RIA procedures, including assessment of the costs of entrepreneurs, coverage not only projects, but also the existing instruments. Information Activity is an openness of a procedure, exchange of experience with colleagues, holding special events. Unit of assessment in local authorities, and independent assessment of the business community: ombudsmen, members of the "Big Four" and the regional associations.

Competent authority for RIA, the Department of economic development of the region, made amendments to the Law of Belgorod Region "On the regulatory impact assessment of draft regulations and examination of normative legal acts of the Belgorod region" (Law of Belgorod Region 3 November 2016 number 107) and the Regulation on the assessment of the regulatory impact of draft regulations and examination of normative legal acts of the Belgorod region, affecting business and investment (resolution of the Government of the region November 14, 2016 №395-PP) for 2016 in order to improve the quality of the procedure in the Belgorod region, organized and conducted training for public and municipal employees on "Regulatory Impact Assessment", extended interaction with the business community during the public debate. Since 2016 RIA has been carried out in all 22 municipalities (urban districts).

Information on the regulatory impact assessment is regularly posted and updated on the website of the Department of Economic Development of the Belgorod region, www.derbo.ru , and Investment portal of Belgorod region, www.belgorodinvest.com.