27 November 2017

The National Rating Agency (NRA) published the V annual investment attractiveness rating of the regions of Russia, in which the Belgorod region confirmed its high performance (IC2 group is a high investment attractiveness - the second level)

According to the results of the rating, the most positive dynamics was registered during the five-year history of its holding: 22 regions improved their positions (and only 6-deteriorated, 50-saved, 7-presented for the first time).

According to experts, the secret of success of the Belgorod region is a combination of two advantages: favorable geographical position and good business conditions, which provide a large choice of investment opportunities.


Investment attractive regions of Russia (IC1, IC2)

Mocsow IC1
Saint-Petersburg IC1
Belgorod region IC2
Leningrad region IC2
Moscow region IC2
Republic of Tatarstan IC2
Sakhalin region IC2
Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous Distrsict IC2

Category «High investment attractiveness» (IC1, IC2, IC3) comprises 25 regions.

Category «Middle investment attractiveness» (IC4, IC5, IC6) – 33 regions.

Category «Moderate  investment attractiveness » (IC7, IC8, IC9) – 27 regions.

Picture 1. Number of the regions in rating groups in 2017


The share of 25 regions, whose investment attractiveness is rated as "high" in the NRA rating, accounts for about 86% of the total Russian foreign direct investment inflow and 65% of the total investment in fixed assets.

The investment attractiveness in the rating is defined as the set of factors influencing the feasibility, effectiveness and level of risks of investment in the region:

  • the availability of natural resources and the quality of the environment;
  • labor resources;
  • regional infrastructure;
  • Domestic market of the region (potential of regional demand);
  • the production potential of the regional economy;
  • Institutional environment and socio-political stability;
  • financial stability of the regional budget and enterprises in the region.