06 July 2017

Belgorod region is in a top 10 leading regions of Russia in the butter production

The first place was taken by Altayskiy kray, Voronezh region – the second one. Third and fourth positions were given to the Republic of Tatarstan and Ivanovo region correspondingly. Krasnodarskiy kray has become the fifth one in the chart.  Next positions were divided among Republic of Udmurtia and Ulyanovsk region, Republic of Bashkortostan and Kursk region. 

Belgorod region encloses the top ten leading positions. Within the last year the region has produced 7,3 thousand tons of butter, which is lower at 4,5% of the last year production  indexes.

Results of January– April 2017 on the volumes of butter production
1st place Voronezh region 7 thousand tons
2nd place Altayskiy Kray 5.6 thousand tons
3rd place Republic of Tatarstan 5.2 thousand tons
4th место Ulyanovsk region 3.8 thousand tons
5th место Ivanovo region 3.5 thousand tons

Republic of Udmurtia, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Republic of Bashkortostan, Vologda region and Kursk region are also at top 10.

Belgorod region, according to the preliminary figures of 2017 with the production volume 2,2 thousand tones has taken the 11 th  place. In comparison to the analogic period of the past year, the production has increased at 3,8%.  

20 subject of the Russian Federation produce about 72% of  all-russian butter production volumes, reports MilkNews.

The biggest butter volume production belongs to Privolzhskiy Federal district (almost 31% of the all-russian volume in 2016 and 34% in January-April 2017). Second production leader is Central Federal District – (almost 28% and 28% correspondingly). The third place is taken by  Siberian Federal District – (17% in 2016 and 15% - in the first 4 months of 2017).

Adapted from the web site of the informational agency «Bel.Ru»