31 October 2018

AO "Corporation "Razvitie" participated in the VI Forum" Composites without Borders".

The event, which is being presented for the sixth time under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, is aimed at developing the composites industry - materials of a new generation: carbon and glass as well as basalt fiber.

A section of the forum dedicated to the use of composites in civil and industrial construction, as well as mechanisms for financial support for the development of enterprises in the composite industry was visited by Yulia Pavlova, Head of the Department for the Support of Industrial Projects of AO "Corporation "Razvitie".

The discussion platform allowed participants to discuss the possibilities for import substitution of materials, the development of new products, the introduction of composites in various industries, as well as promising markets for composites.


According to the CEO of UMATEX, the organizer of the forum, Alexander Tyunin, the composites industry is among the fastest growing. The growth of the composites market increases annually by 11%, while the metal market is growing by only 2% per year. Due to the unique properties of materials, the spheres of their application are expanding: aircraft building, shipbuilding, automotive, energy, construction, consumer goods and many others.

The global carbon fiber market is 80 thousand tons, by 2025 it is expected to double to 161 thousand tons due to an increase in demand in key industrial segments.

The ratio of the use of carbon fiber in finished products is as follows: 141 thousand tons - at the moment, 335 thousand tons - by 2025.

According to forecasts, the aviation and space segment will double by 2025 and reach 85 thousand tons. The growth of the market also stimulates the development of wind energy, where the emphasis is on increasing the length of the blades of composites with a carbon stiffener. In this segment, the market is also expected to double from 18 to 39 tons per year.

In the automotive industry, carbon-fiber-based composites are now used primarily in the creation of premium models. However, as expected, by 2025 composites will be involved in mass production. In this case, the consumption of materials will increase significantly from 33 tons to 116 tons.

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 Carbon composites are no longer replaceable in the professional segment of sporting goods, helping athletes set new records.

As for new branches of application, it is expected that in the coming years gas-engine topics will be developed and composites will be in demand in the creation of high-pressure cylinders.

 The growth of the carbon fiber consumption market in this segment will be 500-1500 tons. The growth of the composites market in construction, shipbuilding, and medicine is also projected.

Note that the “Salon of Composite Materials” also worked at the forum, where the latest developments from composites were presented. These include a composite boat, samples of the interior of an airliner made of composites, composite cylinders, 3D printers that print carbon fiber products, a car with a body of composites, composite race cars, manned and unmanned composite aircraft, composite prostheses, sports equipment samples and much more.

The event was attended by 600 delegates interested in the development of the composites industry. Among them are managers and specialists of industrial enterprises, researchers of leading Russian educational institutions and research organizations, representatives of government agencies.