17 July 2017

On 15th of July at Belgorod state philharmonic was held gala evening, dedicated to 10th anniversary of the group of companies “Agro-Belogorie”

The head of the region congratulated the employees and awarded the prizes for the leading workers. He also mentioned the value of the creative atmosphere at the team of the holding.

Evgeniy Savchenko

The Governor of the Belgorod region

There a lot of good companies in our country. On how successful and effective they are you can find in “Forbes”, they earn money themselves and give an opportunity to earn money for their employees. But there are insignificantly few of them, who create totally new space, changes people, making them smarter, kinder, and set them for creativity. And if to judge not according to “Forbes” but according to abovementioned criteria, then I am sure, that “Agro-Belogorie” would have taken the first place, without the doubt

“Agro-Belogorie” represents vertically integrated holding enterprise, specialized at the pork production at industrial scale. The technological process of the meet production was set on a closed cycle: beginning with mixed fodder production and ending up with pig growing and production sale - fresh meat in ready retail package. The company implement also lots of  social projects.

Adapted from the official web site of the Governor of the Belgorod region the Belgorod region Government