22 May 2017

However, according to various data, Russia's need for fruits and berries is provided only by a quarter.

Last year, the planned figure for establishing fruit and berry perennial plantings was exceeded by 40.4% in Russia. Gardens and small fruit acreage were established on 14.6 thousand hectares with a plan of 10.4 thousand hectares. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 46.2 thousand hectares of gardens, including 28.1 thousand hectares of intensive gardens, were established in the country since 2013. The total area of fruit and berry plantations reached 517 thousand hectares in the last year, including 136.3 thousand hectares in agricultural organizations.

In 2016, the gardens were established in 61 regions, including the Belgorod Region. Currently, 89 investment projects of horticulture are supported in Russia for the total amount of loans of 2.2 billion rubles. The amount of subsidies paid for them is 270.7 million rubles.

In 2016, the gross harvest of fruits and berries in Russia amounted to a record 3.3 million tonnes (2.9 million tonnes in 2015). The average yield in all farms increased by 13.1% and amounted to 85.6 dt / ha. Nevertheless, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, only 25.8% of the demand is provided by own production. Last year, Russia imported 1.6 million tons of fruits, for the cultivation of which there are all conditions in our country. These are apples, pears, quinces, apricots, cherries, sweet cherries, plums.

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