25 December 2017

"Agroinvestor" magazine reports that according to the estimates of the "Greenhouses of Russia" association, the total area of greenhouses in the country in 2017 has grown by almost 10% or 200 hectares, to 2.6 thousand hectares

Accelerated development of the industry contributes to self-sufficiency of vegetables with protected soil. In terms of increasing production and expanding its market share, the cucumber is leading. In the total volume of grown greenhouse vegetables, it already occupies 66%. The share of tomatoes - 31%, other agricultural crops - about 3%, said the company's general director Natalia Rogova. At the same time, according to the research company "Technology of Growth", from March to October the country is now provided with its own fresh cucumbers by 90-95%, from November to February - by 50%. The remaining share of the market in these periods is taken by imported goods.

Tamara Reshetnikova

General Manager «Technolohia Rosta»

Speaking about tomato self-sufficiency, the numbers are twice lower, and in high winter season it is enough only for 20/25%  of consumers demand.

Self –sufficiency in salads and greenery, such as dill and parsley reaches the 100 % value in regions with salad greenhouses. In other leaf and cabbage salads, and spice herbs (e.g. mint and rosemary) there is still predomination of import.  Aubergines , pepper, zucchini and radish in high season is for 95-100% are being also imported from abroad.   

Protected ground vegetable production in country is increasing mainly due to implementation of new greenhouse objects. One of the tendencies of 2017 – is the enlargement of announced projects and its scaling in several regions simultaneously, including Belgorod region, aiming the outlet at regional markets. 

«In coming year the greenhouse production growth continues. According to the prognosis of  “Greenhouses of Russia”,  with account of new production facilities implementation, the volume of greenhouse vegetables in 2018 could reach the value 1.15 million tones – gave a summary the “Agroinvestor”.