13 June 2017

According to expert’s opinion, further industry development can be interrupted by the lack of affordable loans

According to Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the gross collection of vegetables in general as of 5th of June comprises 357 tsd. t, which is at 42,2 % higher in comparison with the past year – 251 tds. t.  This includes collection of 270,2 tsd. t of cucumbers, 80,8 tsd. t of tomatoes and 6 tsd t of other crop species.  Ove 160 ha of greenhouses is planned to be build and improved this year, allowing to increase the vegetable production volume up to 930 tsd, reports the Ministry.

Tamara Reshetnikova, general manager “Tekhnologia rosta” points out that the total volume of protected ground vegetables production in agricultural and farm enterprises could be at a level  940-950 tsd. t.

Tamara Reshetnikova

General manager “Tekhnologia rosta”

Obviously, not  more. The only thing that could hinder reaching this production volume is bad weather conditions. Let’s say, hail, that can damage all the greenhouses. Especially often this happens in the south of the country

The only thing to hamper the investors, who claimed the start or further development of greenhouse projects, according to Reshetnikova, is the lack of money.  Projects are claiming, even the most large-scale ones, but due to lack of credits resources with affordable credit rate, most of the projects are left only in the form of idea on the paper.

For reference: the greenhouse vegetable production volume in agricultural and farm enterprises comprised 813,6 tsd. t last year,  which is at 14,6 % more in comparison to 2015 results. Gross collection in all agricultural enterprises reached the point 1.6 mio tones (+ 10.8 %).

Adapted from “Agroinvestor” magazine