12 May 2017

The Belgorod company “Promagro” has over 6 thousands of sheep of the Kuibyshev breed. The project investments are about 400 mio rubles.

A new subdivision in the structure of the holding - "Belgorod Sheep Breeding Company" - was established at the end of 2016. It is planned to reach a full capacity of 300 tons of lamb in live weight per year in two years.

The animals were purchased from the breeding farm "Druzhba" (Samara region). Animals reach a slaughter live weight of 50 kg in five months, the meat yield is 50%. There are up to 130 lambs per 100 ewes a year. The Kuibyshev breed is chosen because its meat does not have a specific smell and taste, regardless of the sex and age of the animal.

It is also planned to sell sheep wool, it is also a source of income.

Also, Promagro deals with the genetics of sheep. The company's specialists are trying to shift the cycles of insemination to get offspring all year round. The planned output is 180 lambs per 100 ewes.

According to the consulting group "NEO Tsentr", now in the total volume of consumption of meat for mutton accounts for 3%, or 1.14 kg / person. During 2011-2014 the volume of consumption grew on average by 3.7% per year. Now Russia is on the 26th place on the consumption of mutton in the world.

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