19 December 2017

Business hospitality rating of the municipalities was presented during working hour at the Governor by the Head of the Corporation “Razvitie” Mikhail Savchenko

Verification of municipalities by the method of control purchase was carried out by the Corporation «Razvitie» in cooperation with the Department for Economic Development of the region as part of the Governor's assignment given in January this year immediately after the publication of the interim results of the first Russian television business hospitality rating in the Business Agent project.

Recall that in the final of this project, organized by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Association of Entrepreneurs "Leaders Club", Belgorod Region took the 3rd place in the rating and was included in the collection of "Best Practices of Business Hospitality in Russia".

The project showed that recently some socio-economic indicators of the region cease to be the main argument for the investor when deciding on the location of projects. The investor increasingly relies on the impression that regional and municipal authorities have made on him, on how he was met, what support measures and benefits offered, what characteristics the facilities for locating production have.

To assess the degree of readiness of the municipal entities of the region to such work with investors, the Corporation's employees together with the Department for Economic Development of the region developed their own methodology for assessing the state of business hospitality of municipalities using the method of control purchase. So, 8 investment "legends" were formed, according to which 8 "agents", under the guise of employees of consulting agencies representing the interests of the investor, conducted an inspection of all municipalities according to the standard scenario.

During the inspection, the controllers filled in specially developed checklists consisting of 23 parameters. Most of them were aimed at assessing the work of the reception, the level of competence of employees responsible for interaction with the investor, the ability to select sites, according to the requirements announced by the investor,

Each parameter was evaluated by the controller on a scale from 0 to 2 points. Thus, if all requirements were fulfilled, one district could get a maximum of 46 points.

As a result, the points were distributed as follows:

District Points
Volokonovsky district 42
Rovenky region 42
Krasnogvardeysky district 41
Belgorod region 35
Borisov district 34
Krasnoyaruzhsky district 34
Valyuiskiy district 33
Graivoronsky district 31
Ivnyansky district 26
Starooskolsky urban district 25
Shebekinsky district 21
Novooskolsky region 20
Gubkinsky city district 17
Belgorod 16
Rakityansky district 13
Chernyansky district 12
Alekseevsky district 11
Korochansky district 11
Prokhorovsky district 7
Krasnen district 4
Vejdeli district 2
Yakovlevsky district 2

In general, the control purchase showed in most areas of the oblast the involvement of municipal authorities in the implementation of investment projects on the territory of the region, the high competence of employees responsible for working with investors, understanding their economic situation, qualitative study of investment sites and demonstrated their infrastructural security. At the same time, a number of shortcomings have been identified, while in some areas of the region are very significant.

To eliminate them, Development Corporation together with the Department for Economic Development of the region formed recommendations that, together with the results of the control purchase for each municipality, have already been sent to the heads of regional and city administrations.