06 March 2018

At the beginning of March the rules of subsidiary provisioning for agricultural machinery and equipment for food and proceeding industry purchase were set into power

According to the information of “Agroinvestor” magazine, the program applies on loans, provided from the 1st of December 2018 for the period not more than 5 years. 

According to the program terms, the final consumer could be given the loans for the purchase of specialized machinery, including agricultural, road-construction and municipal equipment with the rate 5% per annum. Herewith, the machinery should be absolutely new and to be put into operation at the territory of the Russian Federation not earlier than one year before the date of sale. 

This year federal budget foresees the subsidiary in the volume of 2 million rubles. 

The issue reports that according to Ministry of industry and commerce statistics, the program will allow to realize the about 4 thousand pieces of special equipment. Experts of automobile industry suggest, that preferential loaning permit to enlarge the demand on machinery, additionally load the plants’ production capacities, force the modernization tempo of specialized machinery park and organize additional working places.   

Furthermore, the sufficient volume of financing was allocated for the realization of the program. Now the purchase of the domestic agricultural machinery have already been foreseen the subsidiaries, assuming the discount for agrarian in the volume 15-20%.  In 2018 for these goals were allocated 10 billion rubles, and the sum could be increased up to 15 billion rubles. Last year the subsidiaries for agricultural machinery purchase made up 15,7 billion rubles. 

According to the evaluation of the Ministry of agriculture, formation of the optimal equipment park taking into account the retired machinery, it is required to purchase 56 thousand tractors annually with total value about 135 billion rubles and 2,4 thousand forage harvesters with total value 10 billion rubles.

Based on the materials of «Agroinvestor» magazine