Investor’s black list

Unreasonable administrative barriers reduce the incentives for new entrants to enter the markets, increase nonmanufacturing costs and create conditions for corruption and an "administrative resource".

Based on the results of the national rating of the investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the Belgorod Region ranks third in terms of the effectiveness of removing administrative barriers.

These ratings confirmed the results of a sociological study conducted in 2015 by the executive authorities on assessing the state of competitive environment.

The competitive environment in the Belgorod region is characterized by the business entities as favorable with a low level of the presence of administrative barriers. Monitoring of conflict situations of business entities with the authorities showed that more than half of the respondents (50-60%) had no conflict situations with federal, regional, municipal authorities.

This fact shows the effectiveness of the economic policy of the state authorities of the region.

In addition to legislative and administrative-control measures to consider the problematic issues of entrepreneurs at all levels of government, services are organized: hotline, crisis hotline, counseling office.

If you have faced the cases of dishonest fulfilment of official powers by the representatives of state structures and state bodies or other obstacles hampering effective investment activity in the Belgorod region, please report this by filling in the contact form.