Public-private partnership (PPP) – is the conjunction of material and nonmaterial resources of the state and private company based on long term and mutually beneficial cooperation for realization of socially significant investment projects.

PPP agreement parties:

Private partner  – Russian legal entity, party of PPP agreement.  

Public partner – Russian Federation, entity of the Russian Federation or municipal unit. 

PPP should meet with following criterion:

  • Long-term character of the partnership (over 3 years);
  • Distribution of risks and responsibility between the partners by attracting private partner not only for formation of the object, but for its further operation and technical maintenance;
  • Full or partial financing of formation the public infrastructure object by private partner.

According to the Federal law № 224 FZ dated 13th July 2015, for following objects the PPP agreement could be signed:  

  • Private automobile roads or the automobile road sections, bridges, protective road constructions, artificial road structures, elements of its arrangement and objects of road service;
  • Aerodromes and associated airports infrastructure, aircrafts;
  • Objects, producing, transmitting and  distributing electric energy;
  • Objects for solid municipal waste processing;
  • Objects of site improvement, including illumination;
  • Lines and other objects of linear communication and other communications, underwater and underground technical structures, crossings;
  • Hydro technical constructions, stationary and floating platforms, artificial islands;
  • Health facilities, sanatorium and resort care;
  • Educational, culture, sport, tourism and social service facilities;
  • Objects of production, primary or subsequent processing agricultural production storage;
  • Hunting infrastructure objects;
  • Property complexes, designed for industrial goods production and (or)  performance of other activity in industrial sphere;
  • Public transport (excluding underground);
  • Railroad transport;
  • Pipeline transport;
  • Sea and river ports, sea and river vessels;
  • Reclamation systems.