Investor's cabinet
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Развитие инновационной среды [EN]

Development of innovative business

The key and connecting element of innovation development in the Belgorod region is considered to be the world-class scientific and educational center "Innovative solutions in agriculture". 

The center was established in the top five of the domestic NOC in 2019 as part of the implementation of the national project "Science". 

The mission of the center is to actively participate in ensuring the competitiveness of the Russian Federation as a world scientific power and leader in the field of agricultural science, strengthening food security and independence of the country, expanding its presence on world food markets, improving the welfare and quality of life of citizens of Russia and the Belgorod region.

With the participation of the scientific and educational center, there is a transfer of trending scientific technologies into real business. 

It is worth noting that the Belgorod Region has developed a "roadmap" for the implementation of projects of the National Technology Initiative. The regional document provides for the implementation of STI, betting on the Foodnet, Technet and Helsnet markets.

Перечень малых инновационных предприятий Белгородской области
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Каталог выпускаемой инновационной продукции малых инновационных предприятий вузов Белгородской области
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Перечень разработок вузов Белгородской области
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Перечень объектов научно-технической и инновационной инфраструктуры Белгородской области
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