Government support

The Government of the Belgorod region is implementing a set of measures creating the most comfortable conditions for investors.

Government support for investment activities is carried out in the following forms:

  • granting state guarantees of the Belgorod region;
  • granting investment tax credits;
  • granting tax exemptions;
  • granting subsidies from the regional budget;
  • assistance in creating industrial parks and investment sites;
  • establishment of preferential terms for the use of property owned by the Belgorod region;
  • assistance in allocation of land for the construction of production facilities;
  • provision of information support.

The target regional program "Development of economic potential and formation of a favorable business climate in the Belgorod region for 2014-2020" combined measures to increase the investment attractiveness of the region for Russian and foreign investors and determined the further prospects for improving the conditions for the development of investment activities and mechanisms for its support and stimulation.

A standard of activity of local self-government bodies has been developed in the region to ensure a favorable investment climate in the municipality. The implementation of the municipal investment standard is aimed at creating conditions for increasing the flow of investment, simplifying the procedures for conducting business activities throughout the region, increasing the level of business reputation of municipalities.

A register of prospective investment sites has been formed in the context of municipalities in the region.



Currently, in the Belgorod region in the field of implementation and support of investment activities, the following laws of the Belgorod region are in force:
The following are adopted and implemented in the Belgorod region: