02 March 2018

Corporation „Razvitie“ has specifically organized a visit for French partners to the leading regional enterprises for the organic food production

Acquaintance of representatives of the cooperative with the potential of the agro-industrial complex of the region began in the regional development institute with the participation of the department of the agro-industrial complex and the reproduction of the region's environment.

The general director of the Corporation "Development" Konstantin Teterin spoke with a welcoming speech, the heads of agricultural administrations continued the presentation.

Foreign colleagues demonstrated the results of the development of the region's agro-industrial complex using the example of implemented and ongoing projects in dairy farming, meat poultry, hothouse production and horticulture. Speakers paid special attention to the fact that all projects on the territory of the region are accompanied by the principle of "one window", due to which the terms of implementation are significantly shortened.

Alexei Khmyrov, Deputy Head of the Department of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Reproduction of the Environment of the Belgorod Region, spoke about the region's success in the development of livestock sectors, the main trends in agriculture. So, at the moment the system of agricultural cooperatives is being formed in the region, this opens up new opportunities for the region, including in the production of environmentally friendly food products, the demand for which is increasing every year. The representative of the profile department noted that despite the leading positions in the country on the production of certain types of agricultural products, the regional agro-industrial complex has great potential. Promising areas today are fodder production, vegetable growing and aquaculture. The head of the department of progressive technologies in animal husbandry touched upon the measures of state support and the conditions for financing projects on the territory of the region.

In turn, the head of the LE GOUESSANT cooperative, Christophoretti Remi, informed the audience that the Belgorod region is an attractive region, besides, the participants of the meeting already have a positive experience of cooperation. Mr. Remi reminded that in 2016 in Shebekino the French holding Diana Group with the participation of the Corporation "Development" launched a plant to produce flavor enhancers for pet food. The largest region of the European Union - Brittany, which represents the cooperative, has a number of similarities with the Belgorod region: many livestock and poultry complexes are also concentrated on its territory. At the same time, the region is actively working to develop the direction of BIO and ORGANIC, paying particular attention to the issue of reducing the impact of the activities of manufacturing enterprises and the preservation of the environment. The agricultural cooperative LE GOUESSANT has an interest not only in organizing its own production in our region, but also in studying the Russian experience in producing high-quality ecological products.

This opportunity was presented to the guests during a two-day excursion program, within the framework of which the delegation visited the production facilities of the turkey meat factory, a cooperative specializing in milk processing, and several livestock companies.