02 February 2017

In order to achieve the target models indicators for investment climate improvement in Belgorod region, organizational project portfolio is being elaborated

As part of this work, Regional Economic Development Department conducted working groups meetings on each direction of investment climate improvement on 17-20 January, 2017. The issues of action plans (Roadmaps) for target model introduction, interdepartmental interaction order, project implementation deadlines.

Responsible regional executive authorities, local offices of federal agencies, regional organizations have a task to achieve target indicators of investment climate improvement by the end of 2017.    

After the session of the Russian Federation State Council on November 12, 2016, the President of the Russian Federation instructed to implement 12 target regulation and enforcement models on priority directions for investment climate improvement. These models include obtaining a permit for construction and territorial planning; cadastral registration of land plots and real property facilities; registration of title to land and real property facilities; connection (utility connection) to electric power, heating, water supply, and sewerage systems; supporting small and medium entrepreneurships; control and supervision; institutes and means for favourable investment climate development.   

The target models are developed by the work groups of Agency for Strategic Initiatives, relevant ministries and departments, business associations,  expert business community and included key indicators on directions for business climate improvement based on the real values of the leading regions.